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Pay bills from within online banking, from our FREE mobile apps or the mobile banking website for a quick, simple and one-stop solution for sending payments.


Pay just about any bill or person with a few simple clicks.


Make a payment in about 30 seconds or less.


Keep track of payments all on one screen with no need to visit multiple websites.

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You must have a Golden Belt Bank checking account and be a personal online banking user to use the bill pay service.

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Here are even more smart reasons to pay your bills online.


You set the payment amount and date

When you use auto debit or ACH payments, those payments are taken directly from your account every month whether you're ready for them or not. When you pay bills from within your online account you have more flexibility. You're always in complete control over how much you want to pay and when.


You can pay all of your bills from one place

Tired of remembering passwords from multiple sties to pay your bills? When you pay bills inside your online account, there's just one place to log in to pay everyone. From one simple site, you can pay your utilities, loans and even your friends or family members.


You can change or cancel a payment as needed

Other online payment options can be really inflexible. But when you pay bills inside your online account, you can modify a payment anytime before it is processed. This means you're always in complete control of your money.


You safeguard your credit score

Late fees can adversely affect your credit score. Avoid them by setting up email reminders that alert you when bills are due. Schedule automatic payments for all your recurring bills - everything from car loans to home mortgages.


You can help protect your identity

When you pay bills online, your payment information is protected by the same standards that secure your online account - so you know it's just as safe.