Construction Loan

We offer straight construction loans. This means we provide you the initial financing to build your home. The funds are advanced as work progresses until the project is complete. When finished, we help you roll the loan into permanent home loan financing.


  • Construction loan period of up to 12 months to build your home.
  • Pay interest monthly only on the funds that are advanced.

Why Golden Belt Bank?

  • We know the contractors, sub-contractors and other parties that you will work with as you build your home. Chances are, we've worked with them before on a project or two. This means when it comes to paying bills, we have a good working relationship with the people you need to pay.
  • Our proven process makes getting from the building phase to the permanent home loan phase, a breeze.
  • Snowstorms, hail, wind--there is no limit to what the Kansas environment can do. So, if weather delays your building process, we have the flexibility to extend your construction loan.
  • We have the expertise to guide you through the construction process, plus spreadsheets and other tools to help walk you through your project from start to finish.