eStatements are an electronic version of your paper statements that you receive in the mail and are available with any of our deposit accounts. You can receive them instead of paper statements for FREE.


Access your statement faster

With eStatements, you can view your statement as soon as it is ready. Unlike paper statements, which must be printed, prepared for shipping and mailed to you, delaying your access by several days or even longer.


Reduce risk of identity theft

Paper statements can be stolen from your mailbox or trash dumpster. Thieves then use this information to steal your identity. eStatements are stored securely within online banking, behind the same high security defenses we use to protect your online banking account.


Improved archiving experience

No more sifting through stacks of old statements. eStatements can be viewed, saved to your computer or printed at your convenience. They can be accessed at anytime, for up to 2 years.


Better for the environment

You could dramatically help the environment just by switching to electronic statements instead of paper. In one year you could save, 6 pounds of paper, 29 pounds of pollution and 23 pounds of wood. It's like planting a tree and letting it grow for 25 years!

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